Postgraduate Study
The School of Politics Pmb Campus offers postgraduate study at Honours, Masters and Doctoral levels. We have a proud record of success, with many of our students winning overseas scholarships or securing good employment. The reason for this is simple: our staff members are dedicated academics who believe in nurturing promising students so as to enable them to achieve their potential as scholars and professionals.
Formal Requirements

At present, two of the School’s three programmes – Political Science and Government, Business and Ethics – are available at all three levels of postgraduate study. Admission for postgraduate degrees is limited to graduates of UKZN or other recognised institutions who not only have the necessary degree qualification but who have also demonstrated a high standard of proficiency in obtaining that degree. Alternatively, those applicants deemed by Senate to have acquired a substantially equivalent qualification may be considered for postgraduate study.


Candidates for Honours are admitted on the basis of their undergraduate performance. A minimum average of 65% at the Third Year level of study is generally expected. Students with lower marks can motivate for admission into the programme.

Honours is probably the toughest academic year of all because of students are, for the first time, much more responsible for their progress. Because of this, intellectual and personal growth is significant and this is something recognised – and valued - by employers. Good undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to complete their Honours degrees at Pmb before moving on as it really does give students an advantage over those who exit academia after undergraduate study.

Candidates are required to take and pass each of four 700 level modules and submit and pass a 12 000 word research essay to be awarded the Honours degree.


Candidates may be admitted to this level of study if they have demonstrated a sufficiently high standard of proficiency during their Honours training in the School or in a closely related field of study.

Masters students have a choice of routes:

  1. Full Dissertation is an option only for exceptional students who may pursue a Masters degree by directed reading and research leading to a 40 000 word dissertation (192 credits) on an approved topic in Political Science or Government, Business and Ethics.
  2. Coursework Dissertation of 27 000 words (128 credits) plus two full modules.
  3. Short Dissertation of 20 000 words (96 credits) plus three full modules.

A candidate for doctoral studies would have to show a very high standard of proficiency in previous postgraduate training in the School of Politics or any other closely related field of study. Where necessary, a candidate from another discipline may be required to complete (on a remedial basis) up to four postgraduate modules. The degree itself is taken by directed reading and research leading to a dissertation of approximately 80 000 words.

How to apply

Places for postgraduate degree programmes are limited, so the earlier you apply, the better. Contact us to explore your options.

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