Political Science

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why we have government?
  • Whether governments have the right to tell us what to do?
  • Whether democracy is the best form of government?
  • Whether governments should intervene in the economy?
  • How a leader’s personal beliefs influence political decisions?
  • What the causes of war are?
  • Whether countries should accept immigrants or refugees?
  • Why the UN Security Council is undemocratic?
  • Why some countries are rich and others are poor?
  • Whether affirmative action really is a fair policy for South Africa?
  • Where human rights come from?
  • Whether there should be a world government?
  • How individuals, communities and states should act within our global commons and the environment?

If so, then you should consider a degree (or specific modules) in Political Science. If being a more effective citizen, professional, and indeed human being, concerns you, then this discipline is for you. It is one of a very limited number of disciplines to which all students benefit from being exposed.

Because Political Science is such a broad discipline, it embraces a wide array of academic sub-disciplines such as Political Theory, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Public Policy and Administration. Within these sub-disciplines, students also encounter the politics and institutions of specific countries and regions - including of course African and South African Politics - as well as environmental politics, gender politics, political economy and public policy and administration. At the undergraduate level, you will take courses in each of these sub-disciplines whereas at the postgraduate level, you choose a particular sub-discipline in which to specialize. 


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  • Political theory

  • Comparative Politics/Politics of Development

  • International Relations

  • African Politics

  • South African Politics

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