International Studies
he International Studies Programme is a named degree programme which seeks to equip students with skills and competencies that will help you gain entry to a range of careers, including
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Leisure and Hospitality industries
  • Diplomatic Service
  • Public and Social Services
  • Media and Publishing

With such career paths in mind, the programme is multi-disciplinary, providing students with a broad understanding within an international context of aspects of human society, political organisation, economics, history, culture and religion, as well as giving you a sound grounding in practical language and business skills. The programme also places emphasis on developing the required communication and team-work skills, problem-solving abilities, analytical capacity and sense of perspective.

Any first year or second year student in the Faculty of Humanities, Development and Social Sciences can major in International Studies. Core modules include choices among the four possible majors, namely Economics, Historical Studies, Media and Cultural Studies and Political Science as well as selected foreign language courses (French, German, Dutch and Spanish), Business Management, Information Studies and Religious Studies. Elective modules include options from Classical Civilisation, Ethics, History of Art, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology.

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