Government, Business And Ethics

GBE is an academic programme which prepares graduates for success as managers and citizens of the global village by equipping you with skills which will be equally useful at home or abroad, in the corridors of government or the halls of industry, in the office or the classroom, at a board meeting or a trade union congress, in a rural village or a capital city, among the leaders of communities and nations or the captains of industries, among people striving to improve their lives or mixing with those who implement policies which affect people’s lives.

The programme is designed to bridge the gap between routine academic training and real life issues and practical application through management simulations and collaborative research projects. It provides a sound understanding of principles and theories which underscore the broad fields of government and business and gives a solid grounding in societal norms, values and related challenges facing professionals in all fields. In choosing your career, it is important to identify fields that will deepen your knowledge and training by tooling you with a diverse range of skills that can enhance your employability. That is the focus and major strength of the GBE programme.

The GBE can be taken as an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, with courses taken from the three fields:

1. Government: Political Science, International Relations

  • Is the biggest of employment virtually any country in the world.
  • Commands immense resources and Influence
  • Contains complex infrastructures that help give shape to our daily lives
  • Formulates policies that affect and influence industry, international and local businesses, NGOs, intergovernmental organizations
  • Offers rewarding and worthwhile careers to appropriately qualified university graduates

2. Business: Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management

  • Offers expanding opportunities in the new millennium
  • Is a rapid growth area in a developing country like South Africa and other regional states?
  • Needs participants with flexible professional skills
  • Continually extends its territory in the era of globalization
  • Is closely linked to, and affected by, government decision processes and policies
  • Offers stimulating and rewarding careers to competent new age graduate

3. Ethics: Applied Ethics, Philosophy

  • Is a creed which promotes transparent, responsible and accountable government
  • Seeks to ensure probity in business dealings
  • Encourages open government and respect the varied cultures within our living and professional environments
  • Influences local, national and multinational companies which treat people and the environment with respect
  • Promotes a business sector which is generous to the needy

Just some of the career options your GBE degree gives you are:

Private commercial enterprises
National government ministries and departments
The media – newspapers, radio, television
Academic institutions
Self-run entrepreneurial activities
Intelligence gathering organisations
Multinational corporations
Provincial and local government departments
Government-affiliated research councils and commissions
Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
International and regional organisations
Privately funded research institutes

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